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Saw mill service, saw blade service

Saw mill service

We will ensure adjustment of your machine and recommend suitable saw blades and grinding material.

Saw blade service

We perform all regeneration repairs, welding, grinding and rolling.

Blade welding

dimensions price repair welds
5 - 12 mm 50,00 60,00
15 - 20 mm 60,00 70,00
25 - 30 mm 70,00 70,00
35 - 50 mm 70,00 80,00


  • SK saw disk sharpening
  • Repairs of SK blade soldering
  • Sharpening of planing knives
  • Sharpening of wood cutting saws
  • Sharpening of wood mills
type price/1m of length
seat strips 30,00
tribal girdle 35,00

Saw mill adjustment by a technician

Upon request in the event of a machinery failure or other cutting problems, we will send a service technician.


We organize trainings in saw blade welding and grinding.

Customized production

We deal with production of any saw blade for any type of material individually.

* All prices are stated excluding VAT.